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Firstly we would like to thank all our customers past and future for their support during these trying times and all our NHS & Key workers for everything they do for us and our families.

As the managing director of Panache first and foremost my job is to protect the health and well-being of all our staff and customers visiting our restaurant and bar.

We need to be confident we have done all we can to protect both parties. To date we do not have full guidance and legislation I feel we need to reopen safely and with the ability to offer the best experience panache is able. 8 working days is simply not enough for us to obtain full guidance which is not yet available and prepare to return with the best possible experience and protection for all. I am a massive supporter of the government and everything they have done to keep businesses going through these unprecedented times, however my personal thought is the decision to open on 4th July is more economic driven than health concerns.

We are happy to announce we will open officially on 31st July. During our time closed we will obtain all the guidance required and work hard to adapt panache to be able to offer the best experience possible on our return.

We are now able to take bookings for the restaurant from 31st July however please bear with us as we may have to contact you afterwards with any minor changes due to guidelines not yet released.

Please understand on booking we may not yet be able to answer all your questions but are happy to reserve your table and look forward to seeing you.

Gary McCabe

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