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Panache One London Road is now Complete

We are pleased to announce that the construction and development of Panache One London Road are now complete! To celebrate, we invited Poynton’s Town Mayor, Cllr Sarah-Jane Gilmore, and former NatWest employee, Rita Booth, for an exclusive tour of the new establishment and to announce our competition winners. You can find out who won by heading to our Facebook page.

Opinions of Panache One London Road

Rita worked for NatWest for 40 years, with 8 years at the establishment before its closure in 2016. She was the last person to lock the doors on the day that NatWest Poynton came to a close. This was certainly an emotional, yet exciting, experience for her.

“We closed the NatWest bank just before 5 pm on the 26th July 2016, so it’s [been] just over 2 years,” said Rita. “After seeing the restaurant, I’d say it is absolutely amazing. I think Gary is noted for doing such an excellent job with his transformations. It’s incredible and it’s all down to Gary and the team! “

Town Mayor, Cllr Sarah-Jane Gilmore, was also in awe of the new establishment:
“I think it’s absolutely fantastic to see, what was a very tired building, actually looking so, so fantastic as you come into our village. It’s great for us to have an establishment like this where you can have something to drink AND have some food. I can’t wait to try it out!”

The Tour

Both our special guests followed owner Gary around the establishment as he explained the processes and design choices that went into making Panache what it is today. From the bar and restaurant to the toilets and “hidden gem”, there is certainly something for everyone at Panache One London Road.

The Bar and Mezzanine

When you enter the establishment, you will be met by one of our two hosts at the hosting station. They will seat you according to your dining intentions. The first thing you will see is our contemporary bar that can seat up to 100 people (including the mezzanine). One part of the bar is an extension to the building and has been installed with a sunroof, bringing the outdoors and indoors together on warmer days. Next to this is a smoking area with an outdoor firepit for when the evenings begin to cool.

When Gary first purchased the building, he noticed the ceiling appeared to be lower inside the property than it appeared on the outside. He soon discovered the ceiling was false, providing an opportunity for upstairs seating. This is now the mezzanine, with large windows stretching across both the front and back all to welcome plenty of light.

The Restaurant

Heading back downstairs, you will next find the restaurant. A self-playing piano provides ambience as people dine, and customers will find themselves enticed by the display of daily desserts. If you head towards the left-hand corner of the restaurant, you will find a passageway leading to yet another area! The Park Lane terrace can be used for private functions, as well as outdoor dining when not booked out.

Hidden Gem

If you head down to the basements, you will find the toilets. However, you will also find the old NatWest vault that has been refurbished and displayed for you to marvel at!

Performers and Entertainment

As you may already be aware, we will be hosting a range of events for your entertainment. This is why the establishment has been fully kitted out with a music sound system, making it easier for our performers as they will not need to bring as much equipment. What’s more, there are three performance areas. This means we can host multiple events for different occasions!

Opening Weekend at Panache One London Road

We cannot wait to share with you our wonderful establishment. Panache One London Road has been built with you in mind. Whether you want a fine dining experience, a casual drink with a few friends, a private party or simply something to do on a Friday night, we have you covered! We look forward to seeing you at our opening weekend on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th August.

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